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The SeaFood is a business who deliver fresh, frozen fish and all kinds of seafood to your door. We currently supply over one hundred different products. Our fish is frozen at sea within few hours of being caught giving the freshest and tastiest seafood, Our fish contains all the nutrients & goodness you would have if you ate the same fish straight from the sea. The SeaFood provides quality fresh fish and seafood to the catering industry. We source, prepare and deliver fresh and frozen, fish and seafood; directly to professional chefs each day. We supply all types of catering establishments. The SeaFood takes care of all your fish and seafood needs, we offer premium quality products, highly competitive prices, and friendly personal service. Working with fish from some of the
best fishing boats we are able to offer one of the widest selections of fresh fish and seafood. But we don’t stop there, we go further and can source some of the best sustainable fish. Contact our customer service team who will be glad to help and advise you with any enquiries you may have.


Groupers are fish of any of a number of genera in the subfamily Epinephelinae of the family Serranidae, in the order Perciformes. Not all serranidae are called groupers; the family also includes the sea basses. The common name grouper is usually given to fish in one of two large genera: Epinephelus and Mycteroperca.


Callinectes sapidus, the blue crab, Atlantic blue crab, or regionally as the Chesapeake blue crab, is a species of crab native to the waters of the western Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and introduced internationally.


Lobsters comprise a family (Nephropidae, sometimes also Homaridae) of large marine crustaceans. Lobsters have long bodies with muscular tails, and live in crevices or burrows on the sea floor. Three of their five pairs of legs have claws, including the first pair, which are usually much larger than the others.